iPhone 4 Scenario Program Starts - Right here Are the Options


iPhone 4 Scenario Program Starts - Right here Are the Options

Apple's attempt to quell iPhone four antennagate grumps by supplying away free of charge bumper scenarios has started. iPhone proprietors can download an known as iPhone four Situation Method to look through a assortment of eight conditions from suppliers Apple, Incase, Belkin, Griffin, and Spec.

The system, which launched Friday, gives a cost-free bumper case to any individual who purchases an September thirty. Even so, in case you acquired an iPhone 4 just before July 23, the deadline to request a no cost bumper is August 22, in accordance with an Apple facts page. For formerly acquired iPhone 4 bumpers bought at Apple Retail Suppliers, Apple states consumers will get an automatic refund through a cost again to charge cards utilized for your obtain. AT&T store prospects will need to fill out a rebate coupon form (PDF) and mail it to Apple by September 30.

To participate in the free of charge bumper plan, iPhone four users need to obtain the iPhone 4 Circumstance System app, look through the selections , and pick a situation from the alternatives available. Unfortunately, those alternatives are pretty limited.

While the totally free bumper scenario method does include some third-party circumstances in addition to the case made by Apple , the makers are not offering all of their wares. The only Apple case that is part of its system is black -- even though the situation itself is made in white, blue, green, pink, and orange as well.

So, what choices do you have? Here's a rundown of your possibilities:


Apple is currently offering its own (black) bumper for your phone. The bumper is a ring made of rubber and plastic that fits around the edges of the phone, leaving the front and back again exposed. If tend to drop your phone, this is likely not the choice for you. If you're looking for something that will simply fix the antenna issue without feeling like a circumstance, then the Apple bumper could be the ticket.


The Snap scenario is currently available from Incase in both Smoke and Clear. The hardshell plastic scenario, unlike Apple's bumper, covers the entire phone, allowing direct access to the iPhone 4's buttons. The Snap situations are currently not available for obtain outside of the free bumper program.


The Belkin Shield situation is a form-fitting see-through plastic scenario. The ultrathin circumstance was designed so it can easily slip and and out of pockets and purses while providing some protection for your phone.


Griffin's Motif circumstance uses a flexible scuff and tear-resistant material, making it ideal for those who might put their iPhone through the ringer. The Reveal is a hardback case that has thin rubber sides to protect controls.


The Speck Fitted scenario is with a plaid pattern on its again. The situation has cutouts on the side that expose the controls for that phone. In contrast, the SpeckPixelSkin HD is a flexible circumstance with a textured rubber back again for easy gripping, and has press-through buttons on the scenario that protect the buttons on your iPhone.

If none of these cases particularly strike your fancy, Apple has indicated that the list is "subject to change" so new selections could in theory become available later.

Free bumper cases are available for currently iPhone 4 proprietors until August 22, 2010. The free of charge bumper circumstance program applies to all phones purchased ahead of September 30, 2010. Those who pay for an iPhone four starting today will be required to apply for a bumper within thirty days of purchasing the phone.

Have you already picked out your free of charge iPhone bumper? Which circumstance did you select?

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